In 2016-17, Prairie Mountain Health worked with Camperville and Duck Bay, two small communities  in northern rural Manitoba, to improve access to fresh vegetables and fruit.  The Better Access to Groceries (BAG) program was implemented based on a model from Chalmers Neighborhood Renewal Corporation in Winnipeg (Chalmers BAG program).

Each month, program participants purchased one or two bags of produce for $10 each.  The bags typically included five to eight kinds of vegetables or fruit, depending on what was in season and on sale.

I created a some picture handouts featuring vegetables and fruits that may be less familiar to the program participants.  We included the handouts with the bags of produce.  Click on the links below to access the handouts.  They are free to use.  We would appreciate if you leave a comment to let us know how/where the handouts are being used and we welcome your feedback.